Sunday Roundup – October 30

It’s Hallowe’en weekend and folks are out being their Halloweeniest. What else is going on?

Let’s Not Talk About Branding, Let’s Make Art Instead  – a reminder that if you need to make some art and not be distracted by the excruciating minutiae of day-to-day  living, Artscape Lodge is available for you to hunker down and get some work done. Also if you feel the need to participate in someone else’s process, TPM has Buzz going on all this week.

Yesterday I Did Not Weep For the Future  – I chaperoned a field trip on Thursday – a group of talented, thoughtful young people from Jarvis Collegiate to the Applied Arts Expo.

I’m working on a marketing plan today for my business, it’s due on Wednesday for Entrepreneuse School, and since it’s cool and grey outside and I am locked in Gandalf style battle with a dreadful cold, no better day to do it. I hope everyone’s Hallowe’en is fantastic tomorrow whether you’re at a party in a cat costume or shuttling small trick or treaters around, or simply waiting in a pumpkin patch, hoping for something great.



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