Sunday Roundup – October 23

I am remiss – I got caught up in organizing the balcony for fall and here I am, late with the Roundup. Let’s get to it.

The Revolution Will be Photographed – was easily the most shared and highest ranking post of the week. I’m not surprised – go take a look at some truly striking images.

Tired Of Rehearsing in Your Livingroom? – The Fringe Creation Lab has space just for you.

First Position, Pole Position, What’s Your Position? – a great day at Entrepreneuse School leads to a blog post about your positioning statement for your business.

Other things of note include:

Work In Culture (where we all look first for new jobs) is doing a survey of Artist Skill Needs. Take fifteen and help them improve their resources.

Buddies’ signature fundraising event ARTATTACK! is back, and so is its most coveted item, THE INDIE PRODUCER’S PACKAGE  New this year, everyone will be able to bid on the Indie Producer’s Package on-line. For 10 days, starting October 31st at noon, the package will be up for bids on e-bay.  See, now that’s cool.

Hope you had a good weekend!


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