First Position, Pole Position, What’s Your Position?

Another marvelous day at Entrepreneuse School on Wednesday – the marketing section has begun so I have a stupid excited grin on my face and I think our instructor is yet another gem of a find. So let’s get to it. For the purpose of this post the word “customer” can refer to clients, ticket buyers, you name it. Today we’re talking about position – your positioning statement – the statement that puts you where you want to be in your market.

Some questions to ask, answer and mull:

How do your customers see everything you do?

What benefit do they seek from you? More importantly, what is the real benefit they seek from you?

What is the uniqueness of the experience they are going to have with you?

What are all the ways they are going to interact with you, and do those methods align with each other?

All excellent questions to think about. Why? Because asking questions is more important than selling stuff. Asking questions gets you to the perfect place to be able to sell your stuff.

So! By answering those questions, you can come up with you Positioning Statement. Your Positioning statement is a doc that brings your target market and services together in a clear statement. It will solidify who is and who is not your target market, what they want and the way you deliver it that makes it unique.

The first one I wrote was so dull and factual and boring I’m not even going to show it to you. Yes, all the information was there, I’d hit every point: used the company name, described the clients, described the services. But there was no difference between what I seemingly did and what others do. It was NOT unique No zip, no zing.

Let’s try again.

Sue Edworthy Arts Planning specializes in artfully and accurately bringing your vision to life.
Whether an artist is looking for expert marketing, or an arts organization needs communications and planning services specifically for the not for profit sector, Sue Edworthy Arts Planning marries street-level experience with administrative capability that lives up to the art its clients create.

I think that’s much better. Happy Friday!



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