Tired of Rehearsing in Your Livingroom? Let There Be Space!

and check it out – there it is!

INTRODUCING: THE CREATION LAB!  720 Bathurst St, Suites 401-403

The Creation Lab is the new home of the Toronto Fringe and the indie arts community.  The Lab consists of two studio spaces and the Toronto Fringe admin office, both housed on the 4th floor of the Centre for Social Innovation at in the Annex.  (Just steps away from Bathurst Station.)

(wait for it…)

Both studios are available for anyone to rent at anytime to do whatever they want.

The spaces can be rented at various levels of subsidy, on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The studios are already a buzzing arts hub, bookable all hours of the day and night, where artists can focus on their craft and connect with their community without breaking the bank.

So, How is the Creation Lab Different?

The Creation Lab is more than just a studio!  It is an affordable, accessible and transparent creation space where ideas and artists can flourish and cross-pollinate.  For indie artists, budgets are tiny and resources are scarce, so the Fringe is fostering a space that is conducive to the work you do.  Whether that means offering you studio space in the early hours of the morning or introducing you to like-minded artists, they are committed to making the Creation Lab a lively, accessible arts hub.


The Creation Lab contains two beautiful studios that can accommodate a wide variety of activities, from rehearsals to board meetings, acting classes to fundraisers.  Both studios are newly renovated, bright and open, with new flooring and secure storage space.  Each studio has a slightly different ambiance, suited for various creative needs.

The Neville Austin Studio (Neville’s Nook) has approximately 1000 square feet of studio space.  It’s an airy and expansive space with a wall of windows that allow natural light to spill in.  Neville’s Nook is perfect for long-term rehearsal processes, movement or physical theatre, open workshop showings, fundraisers, parties, acting, movement, yoga, or vocal classes.

Studio B has approximately 550 square feet of studio space and a more intimate, private feel.  Studio B is perfect for rehearsals with smaller casts, solo shows, table work, company meetings, acting coaching or one-on-one tutoring, writing retreats, choirs, or for use as a break-out space from Neville’s Nook.

 (look at all that light and space. Seriously. A gorgeous place to work. I was by there yesterday and there is a great vibe to it, an amazing feeling.

but wait! There’s more!)

Other Events:  Both studios are fitted with basic lighting and sound equipment, which makes them excellent options as performance venues as well.  Blackout curtains can be provided for rehearsals/performances requiring darkness.

Both studios are also equipped to accommodate community events, board meetings, seminars, office retreats, and training sessions.

So pack up your performers, gather up your board members, and head out of the house – there`s a new space in town!

To book the Creation Lab, or take a tour, contact Claire Wynveen: creation@fringetoronto.com


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