The Revolution will be Photographed

As I mentioned yesterday, two of my favourite people were out at Occupy Toronto on Sunday, taking photographs. Both have an excellent eye for finding the story behind an image, making you want to look longer and a little bit harder.

It led to an interesting discussion at dinner the other night, the difference between a documented photo (wow, what a lot of people!) to the shots that find the people, find the individuality in the masses and hopefully take you a step further in your understanding of who was there and why. This of course led to the rules of photography, the rule of threes and, you got it – art.

Most of the photos I take move towards the documentation end of the spectrum, which is why thy tend to have an expository paragraph alongside them – the image is a bonus or an impetus to my usual medium of writing. They back up the written words.

These photos, on the other hand, tell stories of their own, without words. Whether you agree with some, none, or all of the events occurring and the principles behind them  – these are some pretty great images.

As always, I’m going to point you over to the fine folks at Torontoist who are live blogging the events.

Black and white photos  by Colette Stevenson.  Colour photos by Lawrence Bayne.

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