Sunday Roundup – September 25

A very political week. What went on?

Just for the Record –  things went to the committee. What’s cut, what’s not, what’s been put off

When You Post What You Post – very cool infographic on just who’s where on line and when – allowing you to determine the best time to post for specific targets

Two Links and a PSA – a link on how to work with overworked staff, a great piece from Mashable about the new Facebook changes, and the lines are open for the Fringe playwriting contest

20,000 Sigs by Monday – the Friends of the Arts Petition have gotten over 15000 signatures and is hoping to hit 20,000 before Monday’s City Hall meeting. Take a wander over and sign it – if you already have, feel free to send it to someone who hasn’t.

Other bits of news i’ved bookmarked:

Bringing our sketchbook to City Hall.  Chloe Cushman over at torontoist reported on the locally organized event Drawing Lines: Figure Studies of Toronto City Council, which invited artists and non-artists alike to come and draw the councillors in action.  I had to post this one – and I hope Councillor Carroll gets T shirts made up, I’d absolutely buy one.

Sad or happy and need a song? Found an article in the Star about a new site called Emotional Bag Check.

“The idea was to deposit your emotional data and get something back,” Robyn Overstreet, inventor of, told the Star on Thursday.
The site lets anyone, without signing in or linking to Facebook or otherwise identifying themselves, unload their woes (or “check their baggage,” in the site’s parlance). Someone else comes along, gets a random person in need of comfort, and posts a song in reply.

On a more personal note – I am  no longer a work-from-home gal- I’ve signed a lease with CSI Spadina and looking very much forward  to moving into my new work digs on the 4th floor.

2 Comments to “Sunday Roundup – September 25”

  1. Congrats on the new digs!!! That will be a good energy!

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