Sunday Roundup – August 28

What a big and busy week it has been – lots going on, lots to ponder, hmmm…

Smartphome Viewing, a Contest and Some good Art News – good article from a colleague about folks viewing your website and newsletter posts on their phones. More and more people are using only their smartphones to look at this stuff – get yourself optimized. From personal experience – everything I get via email is automatically vetted upon receipt through my phone. If I can’t read it – it’s trash. “delete on handheld and inbox”? Yes.

Facebook Promos – bit of riffing on an article in the Grid about Facebook invite overload.  And here’s a bit of bonus reading on the subject  via Rebecca Coleman.

I’m A Little Distracted – Wednesday is general known as hump day, but was more of a lumps-and-bumps day this week. So I reminded you about one thing only – the My Library Matters contest – it’s open til September 9th, so go and enter!

Summer Friday – IDEAcity video on the fusion of science and art – I personally love this topic.  Here’s another favourite of mine – I was there for the shoot and it was a HILARIOUS time.

I think that’s all for today – talk tomorrow, have a great Sunday, and do your Sunday-ing to the fullest.

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