Sunday Roundup – August 21

(In a completely unintentional nod to the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon below – I published this yesterday by accident. good Lord.)

It’s funny as you get older, the quicker summer seems to go, and the quicker we are to say, “oh well summer’s gone“, “the Ex is in town, summer’s over“, and other similar things. I can’t use back to school ads as a barometer because they’ve been on since July – one ad features a mom who is thrilled with having bought all the kids’ school clothes –  ‘and it’s only July‘. I’m sure it targets the same people who do their holiday shopping year round and congratulate themselves on having everything bought and wrapped by the start of November.

Anyway – where was I?

Monday Stuff and Debt – Interesting article in the Star on how it works for a city to be in debt.

Continental Posting – A great flickr series, the 2011 Nuit Blanche lineup, a contest from Small Print Toronto, and an invite to Vancouver folks to have their say on gaming revenues.

DAM! BAM! Art! – two fantastic art markets I adore – it’s Sunday and lovely out you should take a wander down.

They’re Tweeting! They’re Commenting! Now What? – posting on blog comments and what in heck to do with them.

August 19th – short summer Friday post with a couple of music recommendations – check them out.

And remember folks – despite those who get their school clothes shopping done in July and what have you, Calvin and Hobbes know best:

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