What’s a QR Code?

More and more organizations are starting to use QR codes in their promo materials. QR codes, or quick response codes, is a type of 2D bar code that can be decoded using your smartphone with a QR code reader.    recently, we’ve seen QR codes show up on marketing materials such as  posters, promotional posters for various products, billboards and flyers, among other things.  These have also been seen on newspaper ads, business cards, artwork, and other everyday things.

But do they really work – and when? Or why? Found a great infograph on the mashable site (another site I love)  – it’s pasted below, but click on it to see the information in greater detail.

Are you using QR codes? How? Aer they working? Are you tracking your results? Love to hear more – I’ll be talking more about QR code uses in tomorrow’s post.

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