Sunday Roundup – August 7

Am I the only one having a hard time keeping the days straight this month? I seem to be a week ahead of myself, bolted in a panic yesterday for something I have to do on the 11th and was convinced it was a lot closer than I thought.

Perhaps I’m excited about The Ex.

What went on?

Holiday Monday – a reminder that no matter what you call it, it’s a holiday and go enjoy. Also a cool article in the Globe about the amazing effect art has on sick children.

A Little Bit of Site Reno – survey results compiled and analyzed and so bits of the site went away, and new things are being added, based on what you said you’d like to see.

The Results Are In and You Are All Fabulous – survey results! Thanks again for your help, participation and comments!

Webinar PSA and Summerworks Opens Tonight! – cool FREE webinar about social media and not for profits – you might want to check it out.

Summer Fridays – a brief ode to summer Fridays.

Tomorrow is a Page Unveiling! – why that’s today!  Than god a page unveiling isn’t an outdoor event…
Click  for the new PSAs/What’s On? page. The main page has four links to various reputable ways to  find out what’s going on artistically in our fair city. The sub pages will be expansions of things that are on that I’d like to give some space to. The inaugural PSA is a collection of promo videos for a few Summerworks shows this year. Thanks to all who sent their videos!

If someone could send me a good link for visual art and also for film, I will gladly link it.

More pages are being created behind the scenes and I’ll let you know why when they go live. Have a great Sunday!


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