Right Hand, Meet Left Hand

There’s a lot of conflicting opinions out there about the importance of what we do. I know, there’s ALWAYS conflicting opinions. It’s what the comments section of newspapers feed on. It makes me smile a bitter smile. Those who do not value the arts cannot see its value, and I’m more and more inclined to replace cannot with will not. You fear what you don’t understand. Although you can grasp the numbers, the investment that bears fruit, somehow you cannot put the two together in your head because you do not and will not understand. I sometimes wonder if it is deliberate obtuseness.

So on one hand…
Complaints about Sun News interpretive-dance interview overwhelm watchdog

and on the other hand
Flaherty to cultural institutions: Annual funding? Don’t count on it
which leads to this
Theatre companies worry loss of SummerWorks funding will have big impact

Item: I find it interesting that so many anti-arts comments used phrases like “you doth protest too much” and “start with a blank canvas” and “struck a chord”: – you guys know those are – art terms –  right? From Shakespeare and painting and music? Should you be using them to express yourself if you are that against art?

I don’t understand what’s not to get. Aren’t things like investment and rate of return discussed in economics class? I know they are – I’ve taken economics.  I once had someone tell me that “opinions aren’t formed by facts, they’re formed by experiences.” What do you do when someone refuses the experience, and ignores the facts?

In the meantime I’m headed East again next week to check out 10X10.  And I’ve made my list of Fringe shows to see – it’s opening on July 6th. And if you think Canada Day is nothing but hotdogs and facepainting you need to check out what’s going on at Harbourfront.  And finally – it’s Pride Week.  Nope- clearly no value to be had in art around here.

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