Dora Roundup

Another fantastic Dora Awards- congrats to the whole TAPA team! Highlights for me include Gordon Pinsett’s dramatic reading of memorable quotes from some of the city’s theatre critics, Jon Kaplan’s impassioned speech about the work we do and the respect it deserves and Michael Hollingsworth being presented with the Silver Ticket Award. Congrats to all the nominees, all the winners and the Toronto theatre community.

So many folks covered the show last night – here’s your roundup in the order that I found them

Mooney On Theatre

The National Post Blog

The Toronto Sun



Globe and Mail

2 Comments to “Dora Roundup”

  1. I have pretty similar highlights actually. Jon Kaplan was fantastic, and Philip Akin’s speech about Michael Hollingsworth was fantastic. I also really loved the interchange in acceptance speeches between Richard Lee and Nina Lee Aquino. And, as you probably noticed, since you were sitting in front of me, I thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard at Gordon Pinsent’s dramatic readings of critics reviews. And I loved the big surprise dance number at the finish.

    One interesting thing I noticed about Jon – he never once said critic, he said reviewer. I insist on being called a reviewer, not a critic, and I will often get flack for it. It was pretty nice to hear someone who’s been doing this for much longer than me choose ‘reviewer’ over ‘critic’. He basically stood up and delivered the mandate of Mooney on Theatre in his speech. It was awesome. It made me want to have coffee with him.

    • You should have coffee with Jon – he’s a truly wonderful person.
      And how could I forget Philip’s speech – Michael is SUCH a worthy recipient – sometimes we forget just how long some of the members of our community have been doing this. That they built this place.
      Gordon Pinset made me howl twice – once with his reading, and the second time with Allan Hawco “I can’t look!” “Then you may leave the stage.” Would that we all had such shaggy charisma!

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