Sunday Roundup – June 26

Things are reaching the bubbling point over here  – last week was the one-night-only concert by the incredible Theatre 20Driven To Score featured the work of three Canadian composers I didn’t know a great deal about. I did after the show. Beautifully directed by Alisa Palmer and beautifully hosted by Anne Marie MacDonald it featured Theatre 20 mainstays singing beautiful work. When their next concert comes around, you really have to check it out.

Mighty Brave Productions headed out  to Phoenix For Filmnight presented by AIGA Arizona and Filmbar – the new website for MBP is up and running and you should click on over to it.

Expect Theatre is starting to get some press on their Fringe production of AWAKE – here’s part one of CBC Radio 1′s feature by Robin Brown.

And the Fringe Fundraiser is coming on quickly as well!

What else went on?

A Little Promo and Something to Read – clients doing what they do best, and the idea of creating an email charter, which greatly appeals to me. One of the rules I’ve vowed to apply is NOT emailing back ‘thx’ as an entire email.

Why this e-flyer/poster is awesome – if you didn’t catch this, it’s time to take a look. It is awesome.

The View From My Office – a round up including other folks’ roundups of cool shared office spaces around the city.

For Those Who Think It’s all Glamour – I am still the cat. Or at least relating very strongly to the cat.  But in a wonderful end to the day, my final taxi ride home was with none other than Mr. Geography.


Congratulations NY – the bar has been raised on so many levels, including fabulous weddings and the battle for engagement photo space in the Times. Excellent. I cannot describe how happy I am for so many people.

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