For Those Who Think It’s All Glamour.

The text in my Facebook ad is being twitchy-glitchy, and no WAY am I paying eighty cents a click, and I’ve run out of black ink. I’ve looked three places to buy it and the one that has it doesn’t open til 10, and I have an appointment at 11 and even so the specialty paper I’m using keeps jamming. I am this video – there is swearing in it.

The postcards are in and we’re looking for a distributor. The Fringe fundraiser is coming up mid July and we need to sell tickets to that, whenever I try to save something to my desktop it takes forever before casually responding that it’s not responding.

I have a RFP to submit for a potential client and I need to get my toes done because the Doras are on Monday. I keep tripping over the printer cable as it’s in the living room and I was designing and testing til midnight last night (hence the no black ink).  I have no idea what to blog about today – sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike.

And I’m out of contact lens solution.


2 Comments to “For Those Who Think It’s All Glamour.”

  1. I hear ya!

    I haven’t got my Fringe format for the site done yet (although have over 100 shows confirmed so far, with more writers still needing to tell me what they’re going to), haven’t published a single fringe press release, and haven’t even posted my bleedin’ Fringe ad rates yet.

    Oh, and the prettifying for the Doras.

    And apparently the ninja baby in my belly has been preparing for a marathon.

    We both just need to sit on a patio and have a pint and a smoke. Oh. Wait. Right. Nevermind.

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