The Toronto Public Library and Theatre Ontario

Couple of things in my inbox last night, both requesting a bit of assistance and I am glad to do so.

First off – the incomparable John Goddard is retiring from Theatre Ontario and they are looking for someone to fill his shoes. I’ve known John for years, since sitting on the TAPA Board and I sincerely hope they find someone as good as he is. The link to the posting is here. Have a looksee and if you’re the person for the job, apply away, and if you aren’t but know someone who is, send it to them.

Secondly – Remember the Toronto City Services survey? The Toronto Public Library is doing their own. In a ‘behold the power of social media’ moment last night I saw this in my newsfeed. I have no idea who originally wrote it, and I don’t actually know the person who reposted it.

This message was forwarded to me and I couldn’t find it on Facebook, so I’m taking the liberty of sharing it because I think it’s incredibly important.  Please take action on this, especially (but not only) if you’re in Toronto; and please please share it widely. I didn’t write this; props to the person(s) who did.

Being Sue I checked this link and it is legit. And so I wrote my own note and hit tag.
I don’t have to explain to many my love affair with books and the library. I am long past the point of “avid” reader, I have a good twenty books on hold at any given time, and if I ever see you in person ask me about the time the library lady made that month’s book display based on my recommendation. I took pictures.  But I digress. See below.


“You may have seen in the newspapers that Toronto City Council is undertaking a series of reviews about what services the city should offer, how they should offer services, and what people should pay to use them.  They have just finished collecting public opinion through a series of public meetings and an on-line survey.  The object of all of the reviews is to hold down or reduce city spending, and “smaller government”.

The Toronto Public Library is concerned about the support for their services that will exist on Council when it comes time to allocate next years’ budget. The library has created its own survey, based on the City’s survey, and it would be great if you would spend a few minutes to fill it out.

Item: It took me less than ten minutes including the time to formulate and write something in the “additional comments” section.

It’s at

Please pass this on to your friends who will also want to express their support for public library services – particularly if they live in Etobicoke and Scarborough and North York.

Once again – I strongly encourage you to fill this out. It’s the same style/concept of the city’s survey but of course is library focused. It quite literally takes minutes to fill out.
I will share with you the comment I put at the bottom. Which I then sent to my branch (We’re friends on Facebook. “pause.” What?)

I love the Toronto Public Library. I have an average of 20 books on hold at any given time. My branch is the Parkdale branch – it is full of people from all walks of life – it is am important valuable part of the community. People of all ages from very young through adolescent to seniors are there at any given time. The staff that work there are helpful, knowledgeable and clearly love what they do.
If our current Mayor is worried about ‘customer service” then as a “customer” of the Parkdale branch, I rate their service an A+. Not everything can be privatized or contracted out. I cannot believe that LITERACY is actually on the table at a cost cutting meeting.

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