The View from My Office

Like many people, I work from home – so my office is the couch, the dining room table, or the balcony (not today – thank you rain).

There are more and more shared workspaces opening in Toronto and I like that. Right now I don’t have the cash to do something like that, so when I want to get out and work I wind up at the library, or a corner of my west side satellite office, or a coffee shop when I’m in a pinch.

Having some sort of space to work outside of your home is important – doing everything at home, I realized hard it can be to be productive and stay on track. Usually, social networking sites and the internet as a whole tend to be the biggest productivity inhibitors, but there are countless other distractions that always seem to pop up just as I’m supposed to be doing the bookkeeping.

I just walked by a new space the other day, and sure enough it’s featured in BlogTO today.

A new shared workspace will be opening next month near Queen and Bathurst. Tucked away behind a building on Wolesley Street across from Theatre Passe Muraille, Workplace One joins a growing list of options where individuals and small businesses can get temporary office space and access to meeting/conference rooms and other office infrastructure. Read more and see pictures.

 Along with this there’s also the Centre for Social Innovation at Queen and Spadina, as well as their Annex location, and in the next few years, their Regent Park location. Add in the ING Building at Yonge and Shuter, and there’s a heck of a lot of choice now. I think it’s a fantastic sign that society is beginning to realize that bricks and mortar offices are not a permanent necessity for many entrepreneurs today.

I was thinking about this today while getting ready to take my computer in to be serviced – determining just how long I could be without it and still work. It had nothing to do with the physical space I work in and everything to do with my brain and my files. Yes I need a roof – but it doesn’t have to be the same roof every day.

I’d be interested in hearing from people about their experiences with any of the above models and insitutiions – at some point I will need an “office space”, and being me I tend to ask around and other people’s experiences.

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