Sunday Roundup – June 19

I can’t believe it’s the 19th of June already – although the gorgeous weather this weekend is proving that summer is thisclose to being here. A week of fewer meetings and a lot of work getting done, which is good in my view. What went on?

What You Think You Want  – how to determine what a client really wants by what they say they want. Ask the right questions and everyone is happy. And always include an Elvis tune.

Data, Audiences and My Thoughts on Margie  – an interesting post from our friends at Creative Trust on how we deal with data, and a cool publication from the Australian Government on turning your data into audiences. Also included my thoughts on the Sun TV contretemps.

Coffee and Engagement Followup – an update  on my coffee with Sean Howard and a link to the presentation he created for ISPA, thought-provoking and fun at the same time – kind of like Sean.

Impatiently Crunching Numbers – a link to the Lost Art website from the UK which is tracking the effect their arts cuts have had on the economy. It’s simple and brilliant and hopefully effective.

heh heh. Love the New Yorker.









Theatre 20, Toronto’s newest musical theatre company, takes the stage June 20 with DRIVEN TO SCORE, the second in their three-part concert series at the Panasonic Theatre.  Featuring the work of Leslie Arden, Jonathan Monro and David Warrack,  and directed by Alisa Palmer and hosted by Ann-Marie MacDonald,
DRIVEN TO SCORE brings together an incredible lineup of Theatre 20 Founding Artists – Louise Pitre (Mamma Mia!), Ma-Anne Dionisio (Miss Saigon) and David Keeley (Rock of Ages) – joined by Sterling Jarvis, Alana Bridgewater and Yvan Pednault. Tickets are $59 and $69 and are available in person at the Panasonic Box Office, through TicketKing by phone at 416-872-1212 (1-800-461-3333) or online at It promises to be amazing.

Toronto Fringe Festival guides are now available both in hard copy and online and tickets went on sale June 15 – visit the website for more information.

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