Data, Audiences, and my Thoughts on Margie

Excellent newsletter in my inbox today from my friends at Creative Trust on the art of data collection and what the heck to do with it. I’m a data and stats geek myself, so naturally I had to repost.

We all know that collecting data – about our audiences, our donors, our neighbourhood and partners – serves no purpose unless we know how to find it and what to do with it.

We realized, early in our Audiences Project, that our members’ outdated systems and databases were holding them back from applying what they learned. While our companies understood the benefits of  segmenting their lists, tracking buying preferences and linking donation history to ticket buying history, many of their systems made such practices impossible.

Click here to find out how Creative Trust approached this, as well as a link to a very cool manual published by the fine folks at the Australian Government.

Little bit of Facebook love for some of my favourite people – Expect Theatre, Theatre 20 and Mighty Brave – as I mentioned in a previous post with the Facebook group phasing and archiving and yadda yadda everyone’s have to make new groups.  If we want to run awesome contests, share info and communicate, we need people, so feel free to wander over and give it a like.


Some folks have asked me why I haven’t said anything about the ridiculous “interview” of modern dancer Margie Gillis on Sun TV. I will not link to the interview or their website.  I will not add to the Sun’s coffers by doing so. I will say I’ve never seen such a disgraceful piece of alleged journalism.  I sincerely think it would be interesting to see how Miss Erickson would have spoken to someone of Margie`s calibre in the auto industry, or science, or R&D, all of which receive grants equal to if not probably more than Margie and many others dream of. Miss Erickson knew nothing about the subject matter, readily admitted it and proceeded to bulldoze her way through. So instead I will link to Louis Laberge-Cote’s stunning rebuttal, published in the Calgary Beacon, and making the internet rounds as of late..

Something interesting to note – my blog posts create automatic links to items that it has ‘heard of’. I’d like to point out  – it’s heard of Margie Gillis, Laureate of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards. It’s never heard of Krista Erikson.

4 Responses to “Data, Audiences, and my Thoughts on Margie”

  1. I like the website layout . How did you make it? It is rather sweet!

  2. I love you. That is all.


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