the Quality of Relationship is not strain’d

Quick and dirty post today, there’s lots going on. But I wanted to mention the relationship power of social media – specifically Facebook.

Many folks think or say that Facebook or online relationships aren’t “real”. Theory disproved at the Cadillac Lounge last week where a dozen Facebook friends got together in real life and a fantastic time was had by all – a combination of people you knew “in real life”, people you sort of knew in real life, people you only knew from Facebook and people you didn’t know at all – everyone was a combination of the above. This get-together occurred due to a thread on somebody’s wall. Those who were at the table quite likely would not have made it there if not for that thread. Sure maybe the folks who already knew each other “in real life” might have gotten together – but half the group there didn’t know each other from anywhere but online. Behold the power of Facebook.

Secondly – I believe I’ve mentioned the lovely and talented Rebecca Coleman to you. Rebecca and I do the same sort of thing – she does it in Vancouver, I do it in Toronto. And so we became Facebook Colleagues. And then Facebook Friends.Then when I was in Vancouver in February, we became real life friends and hot chocolate was taken together as proof of our bond. Flash forward to a couple weeks ago when I posted about social media contests. Rebecca saw and liked the post. Over the past few days we’ve been long-distance interviewing (and talking about cake) and guess what? There’s an article on her blog about our discussion.

I think this is very cool. Not just the article – which IS very cool, but the idea that two people who a year ago did not know each other, and odds are wouldn’t have known each other now do – that’s amazing.

Go enjoy the sunshine! I tried earlier but a bug landed on me and that was the end of the communing with nature thing.

2 Responses to “the Quality of Relationship is not strain’d”

  1. Can I get an Aaaaamen???
    This same thing has happened to me over and over again over the last few years since I got into Social Media. It’s so powerful. Every time I hear someone say how social media is eroding the fabric of our society, I just laugh. Social media has opened up my world in a way it has never been opened up before.
    I love it.


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