Sunday Roundup – May 22

What went on this week? It was a good week for client consults and definite working arrangements. And here’s what I posted about.

Today’s PSA: Facebook Pages and Helping Each Other Like Things  – Early week discussion on the new Facebook changes being rolled out, with an invitation to post the link to your new page so as to consolidate those “Facebook is phasing out” messages. Feel free to do so – just drop it in the comments and I’ll pop it into  the post.

Gorgeous Posters! Fabulous Flyers!   sort of a photo essay on why dropping a bundle of flyers on a table full of other bundles of flyers does not mean the end of your marketing efforts.

Coffee and Other Sources of Engagement    – a great coffee meeting with a fellow social marketer friend, a a bit of a chat about the new trend of YouTube “commercials” for live theatre.

The $600 Question: Assets and Marketing  – great article reminding us that we have so much more than “only $600” to get our message across and folks out to see out shows. 

Everybody Loves Creative Capital Gains –  Toronto city council unanimously endorses the Creative Capital Gains report. Good stuff.

About those Blogs…. – repost of a good article outlining why you should comment on other people’s blogs, and a few other thoughts on the subject.

Other News

An excellent blog post by Seth Godin who can manage to take something like the apocalypse and turn it into a marketing lesson.

Have you been to Prince Edward County? If not, you should go, it’s a truly magical place for artists, what with the Arts Trail and Tall Poppy Cafe and artists like Krista Dalby, who one year ago moved to PEC and started Small Pond Arts, an artist residency centre, art gallery and art centre – among other things, they produce festivals, events, music and theatrical productions.

Ninja Funk Orchestra is playing a gig at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern  on May 27th, with special friends the Elastocitizens and I highly recommend you check out this TO Funk Rock Extravaganza – NFO has actually invented a new music hybrid and it’s not to be missed.

And of course – Sunday comics. From Calvin and Hobbes – thanks BIll.

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